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Man finds working GoPro that had been underwater for six years


A man claims he has found a working GoPro that, according to the date of the last picture taken, has been underwater for six years.

Mike Rutherford posted his story to the GoPro Facebook page with a photo of the camera (above).

He claimed he spotted the camera while snorkeling off the north coast of Trinidad, "covered in algae and wormtubes but no water had got into the case".

He took the camera home and charged it when he found, to his surprise, that it still worked.

"Most amazing bit was that he had lost it (according to the date on the images) in May 2009 meaning that camera had been submerged for over 6 years".

The post received over 132,000 likes on Facebook and the poster is appealing for any information on who could have lost the camera. He has a number of images of the owners that were successfully recovered from the still-working memory card.

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