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Looking for a four-legged friend? Fourpaws is the Tinder for potential pet owners



A new app dubbed 'Tinder for pet owners' has launched in an effort to combat the dog crisis in Ireland.

The app allows those searching for a four-legged friend to browse the country's available pets.

Users can click on the information button to find out more about a dog and then press a 'heart' or an 'X' to save or reject.

The app offers users the option to 'apply to adopt' if they fall in love immediately, or to donate to the shelter housing the dog if they aren't ready for a long-term commitment just yet.

Among today's available pets are a labrador called Ed Sheeran, a blind pomerianian called 'Mr Pom Pom' and puppy friends Shona, Jenny and Hamish.

Fourpaws is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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