Wednesday 26 June 2019

Latest video tease of Lexus hoverboard set to 'arrive' next week

Lexus Hoverboard
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Lexus are teasing us again with a new video for their fully functioning hoverboard.

The vehicle manufacturer set the internet buzzing last month when they released a video of a working hoverboard.

Now the company are promising that the hoverboard 'arrives' on August 5, but you can pretty sure that doesn't mean into shops.

More likely, we'll get a view of the hoverboard fully in action, and learn a bit more about how it works.

Until then, gadget enthusiasts will have to make do with another teaser released on Tuesday, that doesn't show much different to the one put out last month.

Hopefully next month's arrival will show us some extended use on the board - until then, we'll just have to wait.

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