Wednesday 26 June 2019

Founder of app for rating people 'bullied' and doxxed online

'Peeple' app co-founder has complained that she's being bullied on social media

Clare Cullen

One of the founders of the 'people-rating' app 'Peeple' has complained online that she's being bullied by people who disagree with the app.

Founder Julia Cordray, from Calgary in Canada, described the app as a ""positivity app for positive people" but the negative reaction online to the app's presence caused Cordray to retreat to Twitter, writing "Bullying IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING and that is what are [sic] app is NOT. You are the reason we have an app".

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The app allows users to create a profile using a person's mobile phone number - a system which is designed to limit your reviews to people you actually know. However, there is no way in which a user can stop their number being used to create a profile on them. This had sparked ire around the world and incensed internet trolls have tracked down the co-founders phone numbers and posted them online. (Doxxing)

One tweet which claimed to house the correct information, in fact, housed incorrect information, and it is believed that the woman behind that particular number ('Amy') is completely unrelated to 'Peeple'. Unfortunately for 'Amy', that tweet went viral and predictably, her phone is now unavailable for connection.

Coudray attracted more criticism when she took to her private Facebook page to ask friends for advice on how to turn off all comments on the 'Peeple' Page, a post which went viral around the world before she deleted it.

The app's website '' crashed following the intense attention worldwide. When the site came back online, the founders had added a new message on the homepage.

"Innovators are often put down because people are scared and they don’t understand. We are bold innovators and sending big waves into motion and we will not apologize for that because we love you enough to give you this gift.

We have come so far as a society but in a digital world we are becoming so disconnected and lonely.

You have worked so hard to get the reputation you have among the people that know you.

As innovators we want to make your life better and have the opportunity to prove how great it feels to be loved by so many in a public space.

Whether you love us or our concept or not; we still welcome everyone to explore this online village of love and abundance for all".

Coudray previously worked for Career Fox, hosting 'Dress for Success' events for women in Calgary, Canada.

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