Wednesday 26 June 2019

Facebook to make it easier for Irish users to register to vote

Clare Cullen

Every Irish Facebook user over the age of eighteen will be shown a Facebook notice tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th of January, to remind them to register to vote.

Every potential voter will be shown the notice, which will remind them to 'Check The Register' to ensure they are registered to vote in the upcoming General Elections.

This will be the largest ever Irish voter registration reminder campaign. The 'Check The Register' notice will link through to the portal

Facebook hopes to increase the number of people registering to vote ahead of the Irish general election by making registering as easy as clicking the notice in your newsfeed.

2.5 million Irish people use Facebook monthly, while 2.2million voted in the 2011 General Election.

A representative for Facebook said that the newsfeed is "a natural place to have conversations with voters".

"Since the last election in 2011, Irish politicians and political parties have become increasingly more sophisticated in how they use Facebook to talk and engage with voters and supporters".

"There have already been more than 1.5 million interactions* related to the Irish election on the platform since November 1st".

"Last year elections were the most discussed topic on Facebook globally and we anticipate similarly high volumes of discussion ahead of the Irish General Election this year".

In Ireland, Facebook has become home to a significant level of political discussion and debate: Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, the Labour Party and Sinn Féin have a combined audience on Facebook of over 113,000.

Last year, the most-discussed topic on Facebook in Ireland was the same-sex marriage referendum, followed by the ongoing conflict in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis.

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