Tuesday 18 June 2019

Are you an 'Instaclipser'?

Kim Kardashian. PIC: Instagram
Kim Kardashian. PIC: Instagram
The star took to Twitter to ask her followers for advice after she returned to the long dark tresses she was once famous for. (Instagram/Kim Kardashian)
Kim Kardashian with Brittney Gastinueau brittgastineau/instagram
Kim Kardashian recently posted this 'belfie' before a workout. (Instagram/KimKardashian)

Clare Cullen

The latest name for a social media occurrence is 'instaclipsing', which refers to posting something in which you look great, to the detriment of others in the photo.

If you're an 'Instaclipser', it means that you post a photo in which you look good with complete disregard to how others look in the photo.

'Instaclipsers' will post videos and photos in which other people look terrible as long as they look good - 'eclipsing' others in the photo, hence the name.

While some would argue that posting a photo in which you look good is a natural occurrence, Cosmopolitan magazine uses the example of selfie with a bride in which the bride's eyes are closed to illustrate the nature of this trend.

Kim Kardashian has been named as a repeat Instaclipser, regularly posting pictures in which she looks wildly better than others in the photograph. Kim famously cut her daughter North out of a photo because her eyes were closed and Kim was "feeling my look".

Are you an 'Instaclipser'?

Last nights vibes!

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