Wednesday 18 September 2019

Giant sheep statue in rural city turns into green-eyed mythical creature

Big Merino's spooky green eyes have attracted a lot of attention
Big Merino's spooky green eyes have attracted a lot of attention Credit:@Twitter/reidparker_

Sarah-Jane Murphy

The residents of a small rural town in Australia have noticed that a huge statue of a sheep is becoming increasingly life-like.

Tourists often pose with 'The Big Merino', a giant concrete sheep, located in Goulburn, a rural town in New South Wales,

Recently it has made national headlines as locals noticed that the sheep's glowing green eyes were lighting up the night sky.

However despite the humorous conspiracy theories the truth is far less spooky.

Big Merino's large green eyes were installed by a local electrician on behalf of an action group to promote sustainable living.

The sheep's eyes will light up every night for the next couple of weeks, coinciding with the annual 'Goulburn Connects Sustainability Festival' on November 15, which aims to teach Australians how to reduce waste and live in a more sustainable way.

More than 70 stalls will participate in the festival, organised by the Goldburn Group, and showcase exhibitions on water efficiency and waste recycling.

Spokesperson for the Goldburn Group, Debbie Hunt, told Mashable Australia the festival aims to inform people about the benefits of preserving vital energy resources.

"It's to make them aware of all the alternatives available in transport, energy and more."

"The sheep's eyes haven't been up for long but we've already had a few people tell us it looks freaky," she said. "I suppose it does, but if it gets their attention then I guess that's a good thing."

Goulburn is one of the first towns in regional Australia to have a Telsa (electric car) recharging station and Hunt says it's a sign people are willing to make sustainable changes if the option is there.

"The station actually came out of a previous festival we held, and a lot of people told us they'd actually buy electric cars if there were more things like the station around.

"Now it's here, it's actually being used quite a lot more than I thought it would," she said.

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