Saturday 19 October 2019

Friends mark their love for a Dublin donut shop in a very special way

The Rolling Donut clearly means a lot to the girls
The Rolling Donut clearly means a lot to the girls
Kathy Armstrong

Kathy Armstrong

Two friends made their love for their favourite donut shop permanent - by getting its co-ordinates tattooed on their wrists.

Canadians Cassy Bartlett-Pare and Ashley Drinkill decided to get friendship tattoos with a difference today to mark their time living in Dublin.

While many of us have a favourite chipper or coffee shop, the Canadians each got the lasting tribute to The Rolling Donut on Dublin's O'Connell Street inked on them alongside an intricate four-leaf clover.

Underground Ink Dublin posted a picture of the tattoos on their Facebook today, writing: "We have just had two wonderful girls Cassy Bartlett-Pare and Ashley Drinkill from Canada who have been living in Dublin for three months.

"They wanted to get matching tattoos of their favourite meet up point in the city so they had the coordinates to a certain donut shop done."

The tattoo shope also joked that Cassy and Ashley have earned a treat next time they visit The Rolling Donut.

They wrote: "We hope the next time these girls arrive at The Rolling Donut on O'Connell street that they are given some complimentary donuts. "Fair play girls and we don't blame you the donuts are amazing."

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