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Female farmer takes Opel Corsa off-road when she is refused 4x4 courtesy car



A Facebook post has gone viral in what some are calling the greatest free marketing ever.

Lisa Berry posted a series of photographs to the Land Rover Facebook Page detailing the adventures she had with a courtesy car she was provided while hers was undergoing warranty work.

Berry's Defender was in for four days and the dealer provided her with a courtesy car. The one problem was, it was a Corsa.

"I challenged this with the service manager. I think his name is Steve".

Due to Berry's recent house move to Cumbria,  it was her first time with a new dealership and she was told that the four wheel drive vehicles "were reserved" for people who has purchased their Land Rovers there.

Berry decided to make the best of the situation, writing "Steve wouldn't budge on the courtesy car so I used the Corsa as I would use my defender and tried to go about my day as normal".

Dear Land RoverI bought a Defender for several very good reasons and I really do love it. It is the fourth landrover I...

Posted by Lisa Berry on Friday, 11 September 2015

In seventeen pictures posted to Land Rover's Facebook page the Corsa can be seen being put through the paces of a 4x4. Driving off-road, transporting hay bales and in one photo, housing Berry's 70kg "bewildered" Great Dane in the boot.

Berry wrote: "All in all the Corsa did well considering the terrain so well done Vauxhall. It only failed at the last hurdle and had to be towed out by a neighbour's Defender".

Despite aiming to shame the dealership for not providing a "like for like" courtesy car, the post has gone viral and been lauded as 'amazing marketing' for Vauxhall's Corsa.

Vauxhall even responded to the post, writing: "We are glad you, the Great Dane and the sheep enjoyed your adventure with the Corsa and we love your photography!"

Berry clarified for any worried commenters that "No Corsas, Great Danes or sheep were harmed during the making of these pictures".

Alls well that ends well as John Underhill, a salesman for Berry's original dealership, replied that in future he would deliver and collect a Defender courtesy car to the family, an eight hour round trip.

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