Monday 22 July 2019

Enda Kenny's reaction to finding out that Gerry Adams and Leo Varadkar attend the same pilates class is priceless

Exchange between the politicians had the Dáil in stitches

Enda Kenny's reaction to Gerry Adams and Leo Varadkar attending the same pilates class
Enda Kenny's reaction to Gerry Adams and Leo Varadkar attending the same pilates class

Daniel O'Connor

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams left the Dáil chamber filled with laughter this afternoon after he shared an anecdote about himself and new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at a pilates class.

Deputy Adams was speaking during the debate on Mr. Varadkar’s nomination as Taoiseach, referring to him as “a decent man”.

However, he then added that he didn’t know him too well, apart from the fact they had “attended the same pilates class before", something which Enda Kenny, like the rest of us, found quite amusing.

Light-heartedly praising Mr Varadkar, at the expense of the now former Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Deputy Adams “we couldn’t get the current Taoiseach to stretch that far.”

The newly-nominated Taoiseach was quick to return fire though. Given his own chance to speak, he commented that Deputy Adams was perhaps the better of the two due to "his experience of being in a tight squeeze".

The Sinn Féin leader did not shy away from making less favourable comments though , as he warned that the new Taoiseach “will drag this Government to the right,” and that “not all young people are progressive.”

His fellow party member, Sinn Féin spokesperson for Health, Louise O’Reilly was even less amicable when addressing Mr Varadkar though, criticising him for his performance as Minister of Health and Minister for Social Protection.

“I hope you can find it within yourself to be benevolent and to work for a fair society… but I have seen nothing to give me hope you will be anything other than the most right-wing Taoiseach this country has ever seen,” Deputy O’Reilly said.

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