Saturday 19 October 2019

WATCH: 'He's turned into a local celebrity' - Irish man makes an unlikely friend while fox hunting

Paul Palmer and his new friend. Photo: Facebook
Paul Palmer and his new friend. Photo: Facebook

Meadhbh McGrath

An Irish man forged an unlikely friendship as he was out shooting this week.

Kilkenny native Paul Palmer was enjoying a barbecue with some friends and family on Monday evening when a fox wandered into his garden.

“We were going to do a bit of target shooting and I said, ‘That would make a brilliant picture.’ He came right in, and the family was with us and they all found it very funny, so I put it on Facebook and it’s after taking off from there,” he told

In the video, Paul can be seen doing a fox call while holding a rifle, as the fox sits on the grass behind him.

Paul continues to scout around for potential prey before eventually looking over his shoulder and spotting the fox waiting patiently just a couple of feet away.

He said it was intended as a joke, and has become fond of the furry creature.

“He’s a lovely little lad, he’s really cute and really friendly,” he said.

The clip was filmed in the small village of Ballyouskill, and Paul said his new pal has grown famous in the local area.

“I’d say he’ll call around again, everybody is trying to find out who he is now and get a picture of him. He’s turned into a local celebrity!”

He added that the community are still trying to choose a nickname for the fox.

Since the video was posted online on Tuesday, it has picked up more than 500,000 views, and thousands of shares on Facebook.

“The reaction is unbelievable, I’m surprised but that’s the beauty of the internet,” Paul said.

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