Monday 19 August 2019

WATCH: Dad dresses daughter as Godzilla and watches her go on the rampage in Tokyo

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Even the most doting of parents admit that from time to time their loved little one can turn into a monster.

The transition from docile child to scary tyrant can be caused by tiredness, hunger, teething or just because they feel like it.

One Dad decided to make a joke out of his daughter's terrifying tendencies and dressed her up as Godzilla, or Godzilly in this case.



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The clever parent also created a replica of the city of Toyko for the toddler to 'destroy' as she breathes blue fire and annihilates foot soldiers.

Another well known character from Godzilla also makes a cameo appearance in the video.

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The video quickly went viral and has been viewed just over 40,000 times.

The witty father captioned the video "Godzilly missed nap time and now there is big trouble in little Tokyo!"

It's definitely something to be shown to her friends at her 21st birthday party!

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