Friday 19 April 2019

This neglected cat who was found half-dead is now a body-positive Instagram star

Pitzush the cat with better false eyelashes than you. Photo: Instagram
Pitzush the cat with better false eyelashes than you. Photo: Instagram

Amy Mulvaney

Meet Pitzush, the false-eyelash wearing cat that has an Instagram following of 23,000 and counting.

Pitzush’s owner Roxana Dulama, from Romania, rescued her feline friend eight years ago when she was a neglected, homeless kitten and in a critical condition.

Dulama nursed the kitten back to health, and has since built a large online following for Pitzush.

She uses Photoshop to insert colourful eyelashes on the slate-grey cat, as well as dressing her in vibrant flower crowns, jewels and ensembles.

However, there’s a surprising reason that Dulama dresses up her pet.

"I started dressing Pitzush because I thought that so many women in fashion aren't good role models for young women — and they end up getting body conscious," she told the Daily Mail.

'I wanted to do something that would poke fun at that lifestyle - even glamour puss is a poke at women who are overdressed with no substance.”

“I usually make her costumes out of my old clothes and Photoshop on the eyelashes - despite what some people think,” she said.

Pitzush’s Insta-fame seems to have gotten to her head, however, with Dulama saying she can be quite a diva.

“Pitzush can be a diva when we're shooting, but that's all part of the fun. She won't hang around for a long shoot.”

So grab your camera and get snapping, your cat could be the next Instagram star.

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