Wednesday 17 July 2019

The littlest hobo - Devoted dog walks 200 miles to be reunited with owner

Shavi and Nina, now reunited forever
Credit:Facebook/Nina Baranovskaya
Shavi and Nina, now reunited forever Credit:Facebook/Nina Baranovskaya

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A dog that was left to die on the side of the road after being hit by a car has made an epic 200 mile journey to be reunited with woman who cared for her in her darkest hour.

Shavi was knocked down by a speeding car in Rostov Oblast in southern Russia.

She had been living on the streets prior to the incident according to local media.

The driver left the badly injured Shavi to die in excruating pain but fate intervened and two passersby brought her to the vet and appealed online for someone to adopt her.

Nina Baranovskaya (26) was the sole responder to the ad and took possession of Shavi after she had an operation.

The dog had suffered two broken legs and extensive damage to her internal organs in the accident.

Shavi, who was deeply traumatised, lived with Nina, her baby daughter and her other pets.

Nina taught the animal to walk again and put nappies on her everyday as her kidneys were not yet working properly.

However Nina couldn't mind Shavi indefinitely as her apartment was too small.

So Shavi was re-located to Nina's friend who lives 185 miles away.

Only days after arriving Shavi disappeared and it transpired that the incredible canine had retraced her steps back to her beloved Nina.

Nina was shocked, surprised and very touched and burst into tears when Shavi appeared in front of her eyes.

Experts think it must have taken more than a week to make the trek, the Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.

Nina is currently looking for a bigger flat so they can stay together.

We are so pleased that Shavi got her happy ending.

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