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Sunday 19 January 2020

Six reasons pugs will rule the world with cuteness

Did you know a group of pugs is called a grumble?

They may have terrible breathing and look ‘so ugly they’re cute’, but pugs are becoming the adorable, transportable pet of choice for a growing number of dog lovers.

We asked members of Dublin Pug Club why their puny pooches make them swoon.

We joined approximately 50 plucky pug-lets and their owners in Pheonix Park Dublin to gush about their tiny friends. While a few rogue Collies and French bull dogs tried to steal the limelight, it was clear pugs ruled the day with this gang.

So, what makes pugs so cuddly? After careful deliberation, Dublin Pug Club boiled it all down to these unique puggy qualities:

1. When you’re sad, they know. You might even get a pug hug.

2. When you get home, your pug puppy is so happy to see you it will give you ‘lick-attacks’ for 15 minutes.

3. You can dress them up on special occasions. Probably for half price due to tiny, tiny costumes.

4. Pugs are renowned for having terrible breathing, which is terribly sad. On the upside, this means that they don’t require much exercise – so they nice low energy levels to snuggle up on the couch with in the evening.

5. According to our Pug Club, they give ‘the best hugs’.

6. They tilt their head when you’re talking to them. Which makes you feel like someone is listening. Pug-a-lugs for life. 

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