Thursday 22 August 2019

Life is looking up for lovable Lana 'the saddest dog in the world'

The photo of Lana captioned 'the saddest dog in the world' that went viral last week.
Credit:Facebook/Mighty Mutts
The photo of Lana captioned 'the saddest dog in the world' that went viral last week. Credit:Facebook/Mighty Mutts
Lana with Dahlia, the handler at Mighty Mutts that has looked after her since she was a puppy Credit: Facebook/Mighty Muttts
Lana is now living with a new foster family Credit:Facebook/Mighty Mutts

Sarah-Jane Murphy

When photos of a Labrador dubbed "the saddest dog in the world" went viral last week they touched millions of hearts, and resulted in Lana moving into a new foster home.

Lana arrived at Mighty Mutts animal shelter in Toronto, Canada, earlier this year.

She was the runt of a very large litter and handlers at the shelter said she had a very nervous disposition.

Luckily for the adorable puppy a family adopted her when she was five-and-a-half-months-old.

Unfortunately the golden Labrador didn't settle at her new home and repeatedly growled at family members while she was eating.

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Staff at Mighty Mutts believe this is 'pack behaviour' Lana learned as a young puppy when protecting her food from her hungry siblings.

The adoptive family's young children were unnerved by the growling and they returned Lana to Mighty Mutts.

A heartbreaking photo was taken moments after the doe-eyed dog arrived back at the animal refuge.

"She just shut down.

"It’s like her whole world shut down," Dahlia Ayoub, a handler at Mighty Mutts told The Dodo.

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On her first day back at the refuge, Lana was too sad to go outside for a walk.

Dahila, who looked after Lana since she was a puppy, noted that the dog gradually began to interact with handlers.

"I wanted to see if she was scared of me,’ Dahila said.

"So I went and called her."

The dog flew into her arms, almost knocking her over.

Sadly Lana is still withdrawn and will only come out of her kennel if Dahlia calls her.

However Mighty Mutts are hopeful the ‘silly, sweet’ dog will find a new home soon.

"Although Lana was returned to our program, her family tried their hardest to work with her," Mighty Mutts wrote on Facebook.

"Because there were children in the family it was decided that it would be best for Lana to come back to us so that we could find an adult-only home with an experienced handler."

Happily things are already looking up for Lana.

After the heart-breaking pictures of her went viral, she was offered a place in a new foster home.

She has moved in and will live there while Mighty Mutts continue the search for her permanent home.

"I just know there’s a family for her out there," Dahlia said.

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