Monday 19 August 2019

Every dog has his day - Tiny two-legged puppy gets very own 3D-printed wheelchair

Clare Cullen

Tiny, two-legged 'Tumbles' has been given a new lease of life thanks to a 3D-printed puppy wheelchair.

'Tumbles' was born without his two front legs but the tiny pup didn't let that hold him back.

'Friends of Shelter Dogs'(FOSD) shared the story of the brave canine on their Facebook page where it caught the attention of the Ohio University Innovation Center (OUIC). The OUIC worked together with a fan of the FOSD Facebook page to design and print a tiny wheelchair for Tumbles.

The wheelchair took almost fourteen hours to print, according to photographer Crystal Richmond, who posted a video of last Tuesday's magic moment on Facebook. Richmond revealed that Tumbles' new-found mobility took a bit of getting used to. "I think it's so cute and funny when Little Silly tips forward on his cute little nose!", she wrote on Facebook.

Lab director of the Innovation Center, Joe Jollick, told ABC News that "everyone is real enthusiastic" about the project. "Our main goal [was] to get him off the ground. The second thing is to get him used to it".

Tumbles will undergo physical therapy to get used to his new wheels. Jollick said the process will take "a lot of patience" as "it's going to take some work". The Centre will try Tumbles on a new design with smaller training wheels next week to aid the process.

November 10, 2015. Tumbles at his first wheelchair fitting! I think it's so cute and funny when Little Silly tips forward on his cute little nose! :-D Karen Pilcher, Angela Marx, Michele Summers Friends of the Shelter Dogs The Ohio University Innovation Center made his wheelchair using a 3D printer! It took about 14 HOURS print!***NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT THIS TIME.***

Posted by Crystal Richmond on Thursday, 12 November 2015

He was rescued at two weeks old, weighing one-and-a-half pounds. FODS found little Tumbles a loving foster home with Karen Pilcher, the organisation's rescue co-ordinator.

Speaking to ABC News, she said that Tumbles was the runt of a litter and "was getting pushed out by the others" during nursing. "We thought he wouldn't make it".

Tumbles was born in early October and bottle-fed for a week.

The video has spurred so much interest in Tumbles that Richmond has had to update fans on Facebook that the pup is not currently available for adoption.


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