Monday 21 October 2019

Baby with incredible hair wins the internet to make bald dad proud

Meet Alexandra: The baby with amazing hair CREDIT: REDDIT /
Meet Alexandra: The baby with amazing hair CREDIT: REDDIT /

Mark Molloy

A two-month-old baby with an incredible full head of hair has become an overnight social media sensation.

Baby Alexandra’s photo has been viewed by hundreds of thousands around the world after her father posted the image on Reddit.

“As a bald man, I'm very proud of my two-month-old's hair,” he wrote. “She came out with a full head of it.”

After the photo went viral, he added: “Wow, this post really exploded, just like her hair. She's half Filipino and definitely takes after her mother.

“We've already seen Alexandra go viral in the States, she appears to be the most viewed picture today, over 750,000 views.

“We would love to get her picture around the UK.”

He said seeing her photo go viral was “completely unexpected”.

Adding: “I just thought she had killer hair and wanted to share her picture, but I had no idea that she would become so popular so quickly.”

How Reddit reacted

"[Her] hair was born in the 80s and the rest of the baby was born in 2016," joked one Reddit user.

"Soon your baby will master 'Blue Steel'," said another.

"It's hard being two months old and really really ridiculously good looking," wrote Trogdor8121.

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