Tuesday 20 August 2019

Copperface JOCKS - Dublin nightclub unveil his n' hers branded underwear

Things of beauty - The Coppers underwear range
Credit: Carl Andreucetti
Things of beauty - The Coppers underwear range Credit: Carl Andreucetti

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Over the years, Coppers has secured an everlasting place in the nation's hearts.

It has become as quintessentially Irish as a plate of bacon and cabbage washed down with a glass of milk.

It's become synonymous with celebrating national sports events ever since Dubs captain Bryan Cullen bellowed "See you in Coppers" into the mic as he hoisted the Sam Maguire at the All-Ireland Football Final back in 2011.

Several men and women have taken to the airwaves on a Monday morning, appealing for the person they spent the night wrapped around on the Coppers dance-floor to get in touch and give their "love" a chance.

Copperface Jacks is named after the Earl of Clonmel John Scott from Tipperary, who was Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench for Ireland and lived in an estate on Harcourt Street in the 1700s.

His nickname was 'Copperfaced Jack' and he was apparently a bit of a character, whose "language was coarse and principles arbitrary", according to the memoirs of fellow judge Jonah Barrington.

Today Coppers is more than just a nigthclub.

It's a mecca for students from outside the Pale, experiencing Dublin city nightlife for the first time, it's where all Dublin-based stag parties end up, it's the place where it's acceptable to twerk energetically in front of your boss.

Irish Emigrants returning home express their desire to "head to Coppers" as soon as they've had their first cup of Irish tea and bag of Tayto.

They need to re-immerse themselves in Coppers life, almost like renewing baptism or wedding vows.

So, if you're a big fan of this iconic nightspot you'll be thrilled to hear that Coppers branded underwear has arrived.

Yes, you heard right, the nightclub have designed and manufactured white, black and gold underpants for men and a pair of women's briefs in a fetching orange colour.

But before you grab your car keys and hot-foot it to a shopping centre to hunt for these soon-to-be collector's items you should know that they will not be going on sale to the public.

Carl Andreucetti, marketing manager at Coppers, told Independent.ie that the underwear will be handed out as prizes during events at the nightclub.

"I can't quite remember where the idea of the Coppers pants came from.

"It's always being bandied about and we thought we should do it for a bit of craic," he said.

Carl said that the nightclub occasionally are asked if they sell Coppers memorabelia.

When asked why the Ladies underwear is such a bright colour, Carl had the perfect response.

"Now come on, come on, it's hardly haute couture," he quipped.

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