Saturday 18 November 2017

Awkward! 11 emojis that don't mean what you think they do...

Ahead of 'world emoji day' on Monday, we clear up a few things

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

They're supposed to aid communication, but it seems emojis can sometimes complicate matters as many of us use them incorrectly.

You think you're illustrating anger with that little yellow face with the air snorting out of its nose?  Well, it actually means 'triumph'. 


Here are a few other slightly ambiguous emojis you've probably been using wrong all this time, you eejit.


'Hey, do you like my new haircut?' is not what this means.  Neither is it an expression of sassiness.  This little lady is the 'Information Desk Girl' apparently.  Of course she is.


This is not a grin, but a grimace.  So using it incorrectly may confuse the recipient of your message no end.


While he may look like a paramedic sleeping on job this little guy is actually a construction worker (who also appears to be taking a nap)


Is it feeling smug?  No.  Does it want to touch me?  No.  And it's not jazz hands either.  It's a hugging face.  Because we all hug with our faces, don't we? 


This could conceivably demonstrate 'stop' or a high five.  Officially it stands for 'Raised hand with fingers splayed' which is a move we use all the time.


Again, nowt to do with hair.  Or expressing 'oh no!' or 'Are you serious?'.  It simply means OK.  Ah yes, we can totally see it...


This one has to be 'shocked' right?  You've been using it for 'shocked' for the past 3 years haven't you?  It's actually a 'hushed face'. 


It looks like something associated with My Little Pony or a Care Bear, definitely something 80s.  And eighties star burst?  No, it's actually a comet, which was our second guess...


You're FURIOUS.  Or smoking?  Officially this indicates 'triumph'.  This one we just cannot fathom....


This is an oil can emoji.

eggplant emoji.jpg

It's an aubergine.  Or an eggplant. And definitely not a penis.

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