Saturday 17 February 2018

Are these the worst quiz show answers of all time?

Pat Kenny isn't one bit impressed with his The Late Late Toy Show competition winner. Pic: RTE
Pat Kenny isn't one bit impressed with his The Late Late Toy Show competition winner. Pic: RTE

In a stress filled situation people can suffer a bump in mental processing and choke under pressure. So spare a thought for these hapless TV quiz show contestants who lost their minds when tasked with answering the most basic of questions.

Last week, The Chase viewers were stunned when a contestant failed to get a single answer right.

One of the questions host Bradley Walsh asked was about the nursery rhyme, Sing A Song Of Sixpence. Struggling to guess the name of the song, the contestant Moir, blurted out: "Three blackbirds in a pie...oh!"

She shouldn't feel too bad though because as the below contestants prove, it can happen to anyone.

The Chase

ITV's The Chase has a new contender for the 'worst answer ever'

Bradley Walsh: What is the only planet in the universe known to support life?

Contestant Jack: Mars

Larry's Just A Minute Quiz

2fm presenter Larry Gogan. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Host Larry Gogan: Complete the phrase: 'As happy as...'

Contestant: Emm...

Larry: Think of me when you're answering.

Contestant: A pig in sh**e.



Host Alexander Armstrong: Name a country that ends in two consonants?

Contestant Sarah: "I did Geography at A-Level but that's about as far as it goes. Oh.. erm... Paris.

Sarah's teammate (and possible ex-best friend) Mariam: *Eye roll, huff and death stare at Sarah*

Armstrong: Don't worry, really don't worry.

Richard Osman: Wrong for a number or reasons. Paris is neither a country, nor does it end with two consonants.

Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Chris Moyles: What 's' is a kind of whale that can grow up to 80 tonnes?

Contestant: Umm...

Moyles: It begins with 's' and rhymes with 'perm'.

Contestant: Shark.

The Ryan Tubridy Show

RYAN TUBRIDY 990310555.jpg
Presenter Ryan Tubridy Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

Ryan Tubridy: In 1981, Henry Fonda won an Oscar for which film? I'll give you a hint, it's an anagram of Pond On Golden.

Contestant: Golden Pond On.

[Yoda, is that you?]

Tipping Point


Host Ben Howard: Between 1991 and 1999, Peter Schmeichel was the goalkeeper for which English football club?

Contestant Bev: Germany.

Ben (smiling): English football club... it was Manchester United.

The Weakest Link

Anne: In the Lord's Prayer, what word beginning with 'H' meaning 'blessed' comes before 'be thy name'?

Contestant: (quietly) Howard.

Anne: (in disbelief) Pardon?

Contestant: (louder) Howard!

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?


Host: Which European country is Budapest the capital of?

Contestant: This might be a stupid question. I thought Europe was a country? I know they speak French there, don't they? Is France a country?


The Late Late Show

This isn't a quiz show answer gone horribly wrong but we couldn't resist including this clip from The Late Late Show in 2009 because it's possibly the worst answer anyone has given to anything in the history of Irish TV.

When Pat Kenny called a competition winner to let her know that she had bagged the hottest tickets in town - The Late Late Toy Show - the audience and viewers at home didn't expect she'd reject them. But she did. And Pat wasn't one bit impressed.

What's Snots?

We saved the best for last.

Kevin from Galway couldn't quite get to grip with What's Snots quiz on The Den. The concept of the quiz required two children to ask questions of Snotser the Puppet in order to identify what person, place or object he was trying to represent. Kevin went up against Amy from Cavan but as soon as he uttered the immortal words "Where d'ya get your shades?" we knew it was game over.

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