Sunday 15 September 2019

7 things you know will inevitably happen when the clocks go back

The panic, lads.
The panic, lads.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The clocks go back tonight (your mother has probably already let you know) and here are seven things that will inevitably happen...

1. Everyone will ask the same questions...

"Are the clocks going forward or back?"  Back. 

"Does that mean we get an hour more or less sleep?"  More. 

"So when it says it's 10am on Sunday morning it's really 9am?"  Yes.

If you're struggling just remember it's 'spring forward, fall back'.


2. You'll question your iPhone for the first time (since the last time the clocks changed)

Do you speak the truth iPhone???

You trust your iPhone.  It manages to successfully keep track of your appointments, your important work emails, all your social media, birthdays, playlists, photos, videos - basically your life. But when it comes to its ability to automatically update the time when the clocks change you don't trust it - at all.  There you are Googling away to find out whether or not your phone can cope with this massive challenge.  Relax, it can.  It will.  Trust.


3. You'll rejoice about that extra hour in bed

young man cell phone addict in bed at night sleeping happy at home together with mobile phone on internet communication, smartphone and social network addiction concept

Instead of sleeping (because you'll still wake up at your regular time thanks to your internal body clock - or your kids will) you'll probably spend it on that untrustworthy iPhone posting smug updates on Facebook about how cosy and warm your bed is.  Sad.


4.  You'll moan about the dark

Dark. It's always dark.

It's dark when you get up for work.  It's dark when you leave the office.  There is no daylight in your life.  This is no life etc.  Cue lengthy daydreams about moving to Thailand and running a bar by the beach*

*downloads the Lotto app


5. Your mother will phone, text, email, post to your Facebook timeline, and 'just pop in' today to remind you to turn your clocks back.

Pic posed by model

Okay ma, got it!


6. You won't be able to figure out how to adjust your car clock...

The perfect dashboard

... so it will remain inaccurate until the next time the clocks change.  Welcome to several months of Groundhog Day morning panic as you think you're late for work.  Every single day.  Darn you car and your myriad mysterious digital buttons, switches and dials.  Bring back analog clocks in cars!


7. You'll arrive in to work an hour early on Tuesday morning

Stock image

Somehow you missed the memo (you shouldn't have ignored those calls from your mother) and are THAT person - there's always one.


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