Tuesday 26 March 2019

5 things that will inevitably happen on New Year's Eve

9pm on New Year's Eve. Pic posed by models.
9pm on New Year's Eve. Pic posed by models.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The pressure to have a 'good time' on New Year's Eve is real. Fail to have a 'good time' on New Year's Eve and you feel like you've failed at life. After all, start as you mean to go on and if your start comprises of a crammed local discotheque, snack box, and taxi-less trek home it doesn't exactly set you up for success.

With that in mind here are five things that are inevitably going to happen this New Year's Eve...


It's the 29th and with just two days to go until New Year's Eve it suddenly dawns on you that you've left it too late to do anything cool. 

You could have gone glamping in Galway and celebrated the arrival of 2018 underneath the twinkling stars in the spectacular, historic Blake's Estate, but you can't because it's sold out. 

Smithwicks 10° west

You could have popped over to Achill Island for Smithwicks 10° West, an alternative New Year's celebration with nature yoga sessions, greenway cycles, and live performances from Daithi and Stomptown Brass and more.  But no, you didn't buy that ticket either, and now it's also SOLD OUT.

Oh well, you can always live vicariously through your friends' Instas as they have the time of their organised lives while you 'party' at one of the zillion generic masquerade balls taking place across the country.

No matter what you do, you'll suffer from a paralysing bout of FOMO.


House party regret is a thing

Photo posed by models.

Having failed to organise anything interesting to do (see above) you think throwing a house party is an inspired idea. 

Pros: you don't have to venture outside (aside from a quick spin to Aldi for cans and cocktail sausages), you can invite whoever you like (and ignore those you don't), people bring booze.

Cons: You'll run out of booze at 11pm, everyone will bring 5 other people you've never met before and none of them will have booze, your carpet will never recover (neither will your relationship with your neighbours), 15 per cent of people will still be lurking in the spare room on January 2 (none of whom you will know). 


Jools' Annual Hootenanny

Jools' Annual Hootenanny

For those who shun the aforementioned masquerade balls, and sensibly avoid throwing a house party, Jools Holland's annual Hootenanny brings the New Year's Celebration to you.  This year is his 25th and there's Ed Sheeran, Beth Ditto, Soul II Soul and Mavis Staples to look forward to among the musical guests.  But before you get too smug, the show was filmed on December 6 in Maidstone so that raucous countdown is fake.  Happy New Year!


You won't get a taxi

Don't expect to see any of these when you're trying to get home

You just can't face another Hootenanny or you've had quite enough of Ed for one year so you're going out.  Unfortunately, you may not be coming home quite as quickly as you'd like.  At one point Dublin had more taxis than New York, but even if that's still not the case, they're usually in plentiful supply, at least in major towns and cities, yet there will nary a yellow light to be seen come 11pm on New Year's Eve.  And you've probably left it too late to book one for your return journey in the small hours of January 1st so wrap up warm and bring a hi viz for the sorry trek back to reality (or some random's house party your mate invited you to, just down the road...).


Relationships will blossom (and others will die)

Young woman with cocktail yells at a man at party

Although not at the same time, hopefully.  While some people will feel the warm, fuzzy, enhanced-by-Prosecco sizzlings of chemistry ignited by those New Year's Eve kisses, others will find themselves face to face with their other half and deciding they can't possibly spend another entire year tied to the hip of this person who chews their cocktail sausages with their mouth open. Taxi! Oh...

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