Sunday 25 August 2019

10 things that inevitably happen when the weather is sunny in Ireland

A rather sunburned back. Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
A rather sunburned back. Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

This is it lads - summer is here.

With temperatures set to exceed 27C in six counties in the west today, Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow heat warning. 

The anticipation is palpable (and productivity dropping) as people spend the day eyeing up outdoor pursuits, the rusty old barbecue, and lists of the best beer gardens (and ice-creams) in Ireland ahead of a sizzing afternoon and sunny evening.

While temperatures will be less sizzling (from 22C in the rest of the country) over the weekend, they're still high enough to make us giddy, and the good news is they're set to stay until the middle of next week.

Here are ten things that will inevitably happen over the coming days...

1. Someone will try to organise a BBQ

Sure wouldn't it be a shame to waste the good weather? You nod in solidarity with other shoppers snatching lighters and BBQ kits in Tesco, as well as buying enough meat to feed a village.  Speaking of which, if you haven't got the sausages in by now you're probably too late.  The meat aisles will be barren by lunchtime.

empty fridge 2.jpg
The fridge in your local supermarket at 1.02pm today.


2. Men will walk around town topless

topless man 2.jpg
Topless young man chilling on a bridge. Stock pic.

Lads, you're on O'Connell Street, not Love Island.  At least lash on some sunscreen.


3. Someone will get sunburnt

There's always that one friend (ahem) who gets burnt to a crisp, despite insisting they "don't burn".

irish girl sunbathing.jpg


4. Beer gardens will reach full capacity

beer garden.jpg
Clearly not an Irish beer garden given the empty seats in the background. Stock Pic

If you want a seat in the local beer garden, you'd better move fast. Getting a seat in a beer garden is Ireland's equivalent to getting a sun lounger on holidays.

Here are some of the best options: Want to make the most of the sunshine? 20 of the best beer gardens and al fresco dining


5. Photos of ice creams and cocktails will fill your social media feeds

Ice cream

Did you even go to Howth if you didn't take a photo of a 99 cone with a slightly blurry background of the sea?

15 of the best ice creams in Ireland - scoff these as soon as possible!


6. Teens will flock to the beach in their hundreds

teens beach 1.PNG
They're having much more fun than you.

Plans have already been put in place via Whatsapp groups including which exact bus to get to the beach and which River Island bikini to wear on Saturday.

Ireland's 30 best beaches: Make the most of the sunshine!


7. Tonight will consist of layering on fake tan

fake tan.jpg
Definitely needs just one more layer of fake tan. Stock pic.

Some of Ireland's top influencers will be rubbing their hands together in glee as even those of us who usually hide our pasty limbs behind clothing are forced to consider adding a luminous layer of fakery in an effort look half alive. 


8. Garden furniture will be unearthed

sun lounger.jpg
Not a Lidl sun bed. Stock picture.

"I told you we'd use this sun bed from Lidl," dads across the country will insist as they sweep away cobwebs, dead moths, and mould.


9. The 'summer clothes' box will be retrieved

The clothes that we buried away last autumn will be pulled out "for the weekend that's in it," as we all wonder how we fitted into those shorts just a few months ago.


10. People in soft-top cars will finally have their moment

Image: Getty

They've waited all year for this, and now people who own soft-top cars can put the roof down as they cruise down the motorway, before they hit traffic in the direction of any seaside location.

Read more: 'It's too hot. Okay, there I said it' - Here’s how Ireland is (not) coping with the heatwave

‘My arm’s brighter than my future right now’ – today is inevitably all about #sunburn  

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