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Baby boom at Dublin Zoo with three red ruffled lemurs

Red ruffled lemurs have, sadly, joined the long list of species that are critically endangered, after a significant decline in population in recent decades, because of agriculture, logging and mining activities across their habitat. Which is why the recent announcement of the birth of three male red ruffled lemur babies at Dublin Zoo is more-than-ever good news. The new arrivals join the existing troop of four red ruffed lemurs already at the zoo in May, and are strong and healthy, already nosily exploring their habitat on the designated lemur island, according to zoo-keepers. In the wild, these lemurs are mainly found in the rainforest in north-east Madagascar, live in groups of two to 16 animals, and have a very loud, mechanical-sounding call. The successful breeding of these three pups in captivity is a huge bonus for Dublin zoo's excellent breeding programme, as well as a delightful addition to zoo life.


Sunday Independent