Monday 25 March 2019

Arguments break out as arena is destroyed in new Robot Wars episode

A floor flipper is broken during a battle.

Robot Wars (BBC)
Robot Wars (BBC)

By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

There will be drama in the latest episode of Robot Wars when arguments erupt in the control booth and a machine destroys part of the arena.

A heated row erupts after robots Aftershock, Crackers N Smash and Eruption take to the bulletproof arena for their group battle in Glasgow.

Within seconds of the fight commencing a flipper on the floor is ripped out by the spinner attached to Aftershock.


Despite calls by one of the contestants to stop the battle, an official cease is not called, prompting confusion in the control booth.

This leads to a heated argument about who it was who called to end the contest.

Presenter Dara O Briain later tells the roboteers: “Plain as a whistle, if a big siren goes off we stop otherwise you keep fighting.”

He tells Will Thomas, the captain of the Aftershock team: “That was a flipper. I’m sending you an invoice because you are ruining my house.

“We are going to have to rebuild that again.”


The presenter adds: “The robots this series seem to have got sturdier and stronger, to the point they are even smashing up the arena semi-regularly. There are robots that die in hugely dramatic ways, flames shooting out of them, flying into the arena wall, or tearing themselves apart.”

Other robots featuring in the upcoming episode include Big Nipper and Gabriel 2, a family team from Oxfordshire made up of eccentric inventor dad Craig Colliass, his two daughters Sarah and Rosie and son Toby.

Their robot will be the only robot in the competition to use a mace weapon.

Toby says: “Growing up in a house of robots was pretty amazing. I feel like it has set me up for life, as when I’m older I really want to be an engineer.”

Robot Wars continues on BBC Two on Sunday at 8pm.

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