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Apprentice viewers unimpressed as contestant makes ‘sexist’ remark

Souleyman Bah was the latest candidate fired from the competition.


Lord Sugar (BBC)

Lord Sugar (BBC)

Lord Sugar (BBC)

The Apprentice viewers were unimpressed as contestant Pamela Laird insisted on having a girl as sub-team leader.

Many accused the hopeful of sexism after the scene in Wednesday night’s instalment of the BBC show.

The contestants had been task with creating a toy for six to eight-year-olds.

Laird divided her team in half and indicated that she did not want a man in charge of the sub-team.

“Unfortunately boys we’ve got to have a girl in charge,” she said, as Lewis Ellis volunteered for the job.

Clearly displeased, Ellis said: “I wouldn’t overlook my skill set just because of what’s between your legs!”

Fans of the programme were quick to express their thoughts on social media, with many saying that a man would not have been able to make such a comment without a backlash.

“Geeezz if that was the other way round the girls would have gone mental. When are woman gunna learn that we wanna be equal not have power over men!!!” one person posted on Twitter.

“If a guy was being as dismissive of a girl’s skillset as Pamela is he would quite rightly get called out for it,” said another.

“Completely sexist attitude towards him all episode from her.”

“Why aren’t we calling out Pamela for being sexist? If a guy said he didn’t want a girl to be leader twitter would be up in arms #theapprentice,” asked another viewer.

One posted: “Pamela’s a bit of a sexist isn’t she? There’d be uproar if one of the men had said what she did.”

However, other fans suggested people were overreacting, and suggested Laird did not pick Ellis because of his previous failures.

“soz but lewis was on the losing team twice and didn’t contribute much so why would
@Pamela_Laird make him sub team leader??” asked one.

Another tweeted: “Pretty shocked at the overreaction to @Pamela_Laird s decision to choose a 2 time winner over a 2 time loser as her sub team leader… Funny how no one is pulling Lewis up on his slightly sexist remark “I think she likes me” Of course the woman is being persecuted.”

The episode ended with candidate Souleyman Bah being fired by Lord Sugar.

The Apprentice continues on BBC One.

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