Wednesday 16 October 2019

Ant & Dec and Adele feature in archive Comic Relief photos

The stars have sported red noses for charity over the years.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly in 2007 (Comic Relief)
Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly in 2007 (Comic Relief)

By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Adele, Ant & Dec and Harry Enfield pose with their red noses in archive shots from Comic Relief.

Enfield assumes his alter-ego of Kevin the Teenager as he is embraced by Paul O’Grady as Lily Savage for a photo from 1999.

Paul O’Grady as Lily Savage and Harry Enfield as Kevin the Teenager (Comic Relief)

Meanwhile Robbie Williams appears topless under dungarees in a garden in another classic photo, released to celebrate the charity’s two decade partnership with Sainsbury’s.

Robbie Williams in 2001 as Sainsbury’s celebrates its 20th year of partnership with Comic Relief (Comic Relief)

Joanna Lumley appears in a number of photos in the Comic Relief archive, including one from 1999 in which she is wearing a red top hat.

She said: “What a year that was. Tony Blair was the Prime Minister, there was an incredible solar eclipse and I played the first female reincarnation of Doctor Who for the Comic Relief comedy sketch Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death.

Joanna Lumley in 1999 (Comic Relief)

“Fast forward a couple of decades and Jodie Whittaker took the lead as the first woman to be cast in the TV show in 2017. Just saying.”

Another photo from 2001 shows Lumley posing with Williams as they both wear red noses.

Joanna Lumley and Robbie Williams in 2001 (Comic Relief)

A shot from 2005 shows Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean holding his teddy as he also sports a colourful nose.

Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean in 2005 (Comic Relief)

More recent pictures show Adele dressed in a black top and smiling for the camera as she wears a red nose in 2011, while Mary Berry adorned cakes with the noses for a shot from 2013.

Adele in 2011 (Comic Relief)
Mary Berry in 2013 (Comic Relief)

There are 11 different noses on sale at Sainsbury’s this year, including a rare green frog edition, and a reversible nose designed by a UK school pupil.

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is March 15.

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