Friday 17 January 2020

Another Leonardo DiCaprio doppelganger has been spotted... this time at the Rio Olympics

Leonardo DiCaprio (AP)
Leonardo DiCaprio (AP)

Sasha Brady

An Olympic archer is getting a lot of attention online due to his uncanny resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio

American archer Brady Ellison has been dubbed DiCaprio's doppelganger on Twitter.

In fact, the physical resemblance is so strong that many people are doing a double take when they first come across photos of the bearded athlete.

"Leo DiCaprio enjoying some time off from acting to play archery in the Rio Olympics," wrote one Twitter user.

Brady Ellison / Photo: Paul Gilham for Getty Images
Brady Ellison / Photo: Paul Gilham for Getty Images

The 27-year-old archer lives in Arizona with his wife, Slovenian archer Toja Cerne.

He won a sliver medal with Team USA on Saturday after South Korea's team outshot them to win gold.

The games mean so much to the archer that they are even inked on his arm — he has a tattoo of the Olympic rings that are visible as he competes, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.




He's the second DiCaprio doppelganger to make an appearance this year after news site English Russia tweeted a photo of a man who resembled the handsome Oscar-winning actor (if you squeezed your eyes really tight).



Last year fans of the Hollywood star went crazy when photos surfaced online of a Swedish Leo look-a-like: model Konrad Annerud.

The Scandinavian hearthrob bears an uncanny resemblance to Leo in his The Basketball Diaries/Romeo and Juliet days.

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