Saturday 25 January 2020

Anne Robinson to host TV programme with working title What Women Want

The former Weakest Link host has announced her latest venture.

Sexual harassment
Sexual harassment

By Andrew Arthur, Entertainment Reporter

Anne Robinson is to host a special programme looking at gender equality in Britain 100 years after suffrage was first granted to some women, the BBC has announced.

The programme, which has the working title What Women Want, will follow the presenter as she meets British women from across the social spectrum to explore challenging questions around equality and examine what is still left to achieve.

Anne Robinson leaves Weakest Link

The former Watchdog and Weakest Link presenter will share her first-hand experience and perspective on the role of women in modern society, sexual harassment, stay-at-home fathers, growing old gracefully and the gender pay gap.

Robinson said: “I’ve got 50 years of experience of what it is to be a woman in the workplace and in the home, and I will be fascinated to find out how much equality British women feel they’ve achieved and what they still want to change.”

The programme is part of a year of content from the BBC marking 100 years of women in the UK being allowed to vote.

Other programmes in the series will include How Women Won The Vote with historian Lucy Worsley, and a Pioneering Women special edition of Antiques Roadshow.

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