Monday 22 July 2019

Angela's the Boss at GQ bash

Fashion designer Angela Scanlon
Fashion designer Angela Scanlon

Titian-haired presenter Angela Scanlon must be the envy of women all over the country.

The fashionable TV host flew over to London this week to attend the super glitzy GQ Awards, decked out head to toe in Hugo Boss swag and wearing a rock that was roughly the size of my head.

Kimye, Pippa Middleton, Liam Neeson, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jamie Dornan all attended the black-tie do, which was held in the Royal Opera House.

"It was a mad night of ridiculousness but in a good way!" Scanlon said.

"I got to wear a tux and look at all the shiny celebrities and their clothes, which was fun, but being surrounded by such big names makes you feel quite insignificant." Oh, pish posh.

Having worked the red carpet, enjoyed a tipple or two and rubbed shoulders with Bradley Cooper and Jamie Dornan, Angela jumped a plane back to Dublin's Fair City.

It's shaping up to be a busy few weeks for the newlywed, who will attend RTE 2's launch in Gateway House next week to tell us all about her new series, Angela Scanlon: Full Frontal.

"We talk about getting your kit off, getting in shape, eating clay, hooking up and fake vaginas. The usual," she said, nonchalantly. "Filming has been fairly intense as I was planning a wedding at the same time, but we're nearly there.

"Now, I'm looking forward to seeing it on the gogglebox."

The style-savvy presenter spent the rest of this week dashing between fashion shows for Dublin's Fashion Festival.

Angela is the face of the festival, following in the footsteps of Amanda Byram, and was full of praise for Irish ladies' sartorial choices.

"Irish women have a great sense of style; whether we're wearing Aran jumpers, high heels or Penneys mini skirts - we're adventurous and, as Diana Vreeland said, 'there is enough adventure in fashion to find your own'."

Over the course of the week, bloggers and stylists attended an array of events, which included a class on the absolute importance of 'layering' cardigans properly.

"This week has been manic," Scanlon said. "I think I'll spend the majority of next week under a duvet, dreaming about Jamie Dornan and that Hugo Boss suit."

Sounds like a plan.


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