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Albums: Favourite Sons - The Great Deal of Love ****

Rollerskate Skinny are unquestionably one of the great-lost Irish bands. Thankfully, Ken Griffin's distinctively quirky baritone is back. This time around, it's not drenched with noise, but allowed to breathe in a subtle and gentle soundscape.

The dark humour of Griffin's lyrics is still present and correct. "Life is long, and so unfair. Gonna get up in the morning, and kill a billionaire," he flatly states with a smirk on They Call Me Coco Rosie.

The Great Deal of Love is a happier sister album to the Favourite Sons' debut Down Beside Your Beauty -- which documented the breakdown of a marriage -- as it focuses on the redemptive power of love conquering all.

It's also a real and brilliant grower. Title track The Great Deal of Love doesn't seem to work as a stand-alone single, but blends beautifully into the understated texture of this fine suite of songs. All of a sudden, after a few listens wash by, it sounds like one of the best singles of the year.

It's great to hear Ken Griffin embracing the here and now rather than perpetually living off the embers of the past.

Burn it: Forget My Name; They Call Me Coco Rosie; The Great Deal of Love; Sweet Upon the Vine

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