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Album: Codeine Velvet Club * * *

It is a sign of the huge appeal of Glasgow band The Fratellis that it has become difficult to go to a football ground in Britain and not hear the crowd chant in unison to the chorus of Chelsea Dagger. If ever a song was written for the terraces, it's that.


But there's more to frontman Jon Fratelli than a desire to write mass singalongs apparently. This side-project -- with burlesque performer Lou Hickey in tow -- offers a debut album steeped in the sort of orchestral pop that reached its pomp in the mid-60s.

There's plenty to enjoy, with individual songs like Vanity Kills making an impression, but collectively it's not as good as the Arctic Monkeys' sideline, Last Shadow Puppets. It's a comparison that's likely to dog Fratelli and Hickey for some time.

Burn it: Vanity Kills; I Would Send You Roses

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