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A trip down memory lane: Ten unforgettable moments from the Late Late Toy Show


John Joe Brennan captured the hearts of a nation on the Toy Show in 2009.

John Joe Brennan captured the hearts of a nation on the Toy Show in 2009.

John Joe Brennan captured the hearts of a nation on the Toy Show in 2009.

The most-watched and beloved Irish Christmas special is returning this Friday as The Late Late Toy Show is set to hit our screens following a year unlike no other.

While Covid will certainly make this year’s instalment one to remember, the Toy Show has previously thrown up many iconic TV moments.

Here are ten of the most memorable Toy Show memories that viewers have enjoyed through the years.

John Joe Brennan (2009)

A kid with a lot of charisma, John Joe Brennan managed to capture the public’s attention not only because of his style and eloquence, but also his future career aspirations.

John Joe hoped to be a horologist, and even quipped that Ryan Tubridy’s watch was: “A very good mark I suppose - next to Rolex.”

Pat Kenny mounts an elephant (2002)

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Perhaps one of the most dramatic entrances yet, it was simply unforgettable when Pat Kenny opened the show riding on the back of an elephant.

And of course, equally as memorable was the gentle giant’s reluctance to bring him back to Earth.

Ed Sheeran surprises his biggest fan (2014)

One of the best moments of the night is always when a child is blown away to be face-to-face with their idol, and when Aimee Keogh met her favourite singer Ed Sheeran it was no exception.

“I’m hysterical,” she said as she began to sing karaoke with him.

Toby Kane left speechless by Girls Aloud (2003)

While it’s exciting to see someone freak out over a celebrity, it’s equally as cute when they’re simply starstruck.

Toby Kane won a singing competition, and was performing a Girls Aloud song when the girl band suddenly snuck up behind him.

Poor Toby was left speechless and was only able to nod his head.

Army dad comes home (2017)

Yes, it’s always great to meet someone famous.

But sometimes it’s far sweeter to be reunited with someone close to you.

Brother and sister Adam and Kayla Burke were filled with glee when their father, who had been based in Mali with the Defence Forces, appeared unexpectedly. What a great Christmas present.

No craic to be had with Alex (2012)

It’s standard now for kids to roll out on small vehicles for the wheels parade.

And in 2012 there were plenty of laughs when Ryan Tubridy stopped Alex Meehan in his toy tractor.

He surprised Ryan with some fluent Irish and, asked if there was any craic, he simply responded “níl.”

Domhnall meets soccer legend Robbie Keane (2013)

Another adorable reaction came from Domhnall Ó Confhaol after he was surprised by legendary Ireland football star Robbie Keane.

Domhnall was chatting away to Ryan about what a great player Robbie was before he came out on stage. The expression on Domhnall’s face made it even more memorable.

Ryan and Edie make a “pizza” (2016)

If the Italians thought pineapple on pizza was bad, they won’t be able to stomach this.

It was so much fun to watch little Edie Rose make a pizza with some, shall we say, interesting ingredients.

Alongside Ryan, they threw sweets, chocolates and whipped cream onto it, all while laughing away.

Gay Byrne gets drenched by Zig and Zag (1991)

Poor Gay had no idea what was about to happen when Zig and Zag and the gang interrupted his show, only to absoslulety soak him with water guns.

Dustin the Turkey added insult to injury by saying: “It’s a pity we couldn’t get Pat Kenny.”

Junior culchie of the year (2009)

Little Mark McSharry walked on stage and proudly announced that he was the junior culchie of the year after winning an award at school, which provided the audience with plenty of laughs.

It’s moments like these that make the show distinctly Irish and so beloved.

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