Saturday 14 December 2019

A Roman holiday for Norah

Norah Casey
Norah Casey
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Those of you who thought Norah Casey getting together with new flame Peter would be just a flash in the pan have been proved well and truly wrong. Norah and her fireman have been a towering inferno of love since they met on October 18 last year.

Like the Zelig of social diarists, I was there at the bar with Norah on the fateful night the man who was to become her burning passion walked into The Shelbourne.

Two weeks ago, they walked together through the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome, where they celebrated their first anniversary with a sumptuous dinner at Casina Valadier. Afterwards, they continued to mark their fiery year with cocktails at Harry's Bar on Via Veneto, the same establishment that featured in Fellini's 1960 movie La Dolce Vita, a concept Norah and Peter more than acquainted themselves with during their week in Rome.

The Roman holiday was well deserved, however as Norah has been working like a Trojan promoting her best-selling book (Spark! How to reignite your passion for life and become the person you always dreamed of being); while Peter, as a fire-fighter in Dublin, works all the hours God sends.

They are heading to the Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry for Christmas. This is a big break with tradition for Norah, as this is the first yuletide she has not spent at the Carton House Hotel since her husband Richard Hannaford died of cancer in October, 2011.

Keeping with tradition, however, Norah and Peter will go to lunch on Christmas Eve at L'Ecrivain with friends Dylan Bradsdhaw, Barry McCall, Lorraine Keane et al.

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