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5 After Midnight's Keiran splits with girlfriend weeks before baby is due


The singer has said he will be there for his “best friend” and new baby.

X Factor hopeful Kieran Alleyne, from the trio 5 After Midnight, has separated from his girlfriend weeks before the birth of their child.

The news comes just a few months after the singer announced that he and partner Sophie Johnson were going to be parents in the lead-up to the show’s final.

But Kieran was full of praise for his girlfriend of 16 months as he told The Sun that he planned on supporting her and their son in every way possible.

He told the newspaper: “No matter what our relationship status may be, I still consider Sophie to be my best friend.

“I know she will be the most amazing mother to our son, I’m looking forward to us starting a new chapter together as great friends and committed parents to our baby boy.

“We are both incredibly excited to welcome him into the world together.”

Kerian and his bandmates Nathan Lewis and Jordan Lee signed a deal with Simon Cowell’s record label earlier this year and are set to release their debut single.

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