What happens when Irish people aged
1-100 come together?

I Love My Age

“What if every age was the best of your life?” Age is just a number right? It’s not how old you are, but how you feel.

What are your first memories? Collecting seashells on beach at dusk? Gazing up at your mothers face as she tucked you in? Looking out the window at the rain falling on puddles as your breath steamed up the glass… these memories have stayed with you your whole life, they help make you who you are.

We are a collection of our memories, they define our experience and emotions and give us something we hold onto and call “me”.

We’re making these memories every day, every minute of every day, and we can choose to make them happy. It’s as simple as that. Happiness is not a destination, but a journey. You could say it’s a habit or a decision, you simply choose to be happy no matter what.

Did you ever meet those people who seem to have it all figured out? Not the ones with the money or possessions, but the ones who just seem happy in their own skin, content. And it’s usually the ones who have every reason not to be happy that show us the way. They simply love their life and they love their age.

Openness, learning, family, appreciation and love, we hear these again and again as the things that contribute to our own happiness. Not jobs, acquisitions, status or power, yet often those are the things we pursue. The key to happiness is simplicity, appreciate what you have and love your age.

There is no peak age, no beginning and no end, every moment in life, every minute, every year is an eternity in itself and when you seize that moment you are living life to the full. Life is for living, in the moment, without regret, and there’s always something to love about your age.

A Day for the Ages

Gathering together 100 people from the ages of 1-100 made for an unforgettable event at the Aviva Stadium on the 18th of September. Yoplait marked their I Love My Age campaign in Ireland with an event that brought together people from different backgrounds, different generations, different worlds to celebrate life.

There’s something to love about your age, no matter where you are in life, at the beginning, middle or end, and indeed there are challenges that change and grow as you do. But each age offers its own rewards, its own lessons and its own unique advantages. You’ll never be this age again so make the most of it.

Why do we celebrate birthdays so much? Because they mark a new and unique chapter in the story of your life. Youth will provide the wonderment and innocence of a life yet to be lived and lessons to be learned, middle life allows you the wisdom of experience and the energy of youth, while old age offers a transcendent wisdom of experience and understanding and the glimpse of something altogether bigger and more inclusive.

It’s not often you get to witness the inspiring sight of people from every generation come together simply to celebrate life. A hundred years is a long time and the world has changed completely in the lifetimes of our oldest participants Bessie Nolan, 104 and Mary Hodson, 103. The youngest participant, Gerard King, is just a few months old. Seeing them together, and all the ages in between enjoy each other’s company, was a remarkable sight.

Watch below as some of our early-agers talk about what makes them happy at their young ages.

The Early Years

The formative years of first awareness. The world is brand new and everything is an adventure. Our parents are everything for us and our world is a magical place seen through innocent eyes. We become aware of our bodies and realise we’re separate people, we take our first steps, utter our first words, we kick our first ball, make our first friends and have our first day at school. We climb, we jump, we skip, we draw, we paint, we destroy and pick up, we tumble, we run, we laugh, we cry, we teeth, we lose our teeth, we grow, we fall, we fight and love, and dream of growing up and being big.

When we reach adolescence we are determined to stand apart, to be independent and to face the world on our own two feet. A scary place the world, but we lean on our friends and collect in tribes based on music, clothes, sports, school and locality. Our friends hold the key to our self-acceptance and with them we begin to face adulthood and the realities of life.

The next stage in life, the middle ages, offers its own compelling opportunities, as you'll see from this video.

The Middle Years

We’re grown, we are in lasting relationships, and we’ve learned a lot and have a lot still to learn. We’ve experienced pain and suffering and joy and happiness and know what life is like and what it can be.

We may start a family or fall in love, we may be single and free but we are the masters of our universe. We’re on a sure course through life, and we think we know where we’re going, but it can all change so quickly. What a wonderful time to be alive!

The security of a lot of hard work done but the unexpected always around the corner, a new life still there for the taking.
Responsibilities abound, but so do opportunities, we’ve a foot in both camps and we support the younger and the older.

Check out the video below as some of our most wonderful and wise tell us what they love about their ages.

The Golden Age

A life lived through change and adversity yields life lessons, understanding and wisdom that can only come from experience. We’ve seen it all and know that life is finite, we’re here for all too brief a time and we have to seize every moment, because we’ll all be gone soon enough.

Life is a gift, with all its ups and downs, we’re lucky to be here, to see children grown and grandchildren born, to see the world as it is now and remember a more innocent time. We’ve have the knowledge and the secrets to happiness, so we’re more important than ever to the younger generations. Together we can support each other, we have so much to offer.

I Love My Age

Yoplait has a range of products for people of any age, from the young to the old and everything in between. That’s why Yoplait, celebrating its 50th birthday is celebrating people of all ages and what they love about now.

Their I Love My Age campaign, originating in France with their “What if every age was the best of your life?” film, has been seen on Irish screens.