What does our interactive Lotto map reveal about your county?

There’s nothing quite like the excitement that surrounds a winning Lotto ticket being sold in your local area. Everyone wants to know who the winner is and whether it’s someone they know.

Despite the fact that the National Lottery is a national institution, it’s still the local wins that people really remember. So is your county blessed with more than its fair share of winners or does it have any interesting Lotto stories to tell?

The new Lotto Plus improvements represent one of the biggest changes to the Lotto in the last 30 years. So it seemed like a perfect time to break down the most interesting stories or quirky facts from each county over the last three decades. You can check out our interactive map to see what it reveals about your county.

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Black cats, keeping it in the family and lucky places to work

Ever since Donegal woman Brigit McGrath became the first Lotto jackpot winner in 1988, we’ve been fascinated with finding out the identity of the latest jackpot winner.

As it happens, Donegal has produced more than its fair share of winners. With 90 jackpot wins over the years, it’s the second luckiest county in Ireland per head of population.

Louth may be known as the Wee County but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in luck. With 76 jackpot wins, it’s the luckiest county in Ireland per head of population.

Mayo hasn’t enjoyed any luck in its search for a first All-Ireland title since 1951 but the people of the county have had more joy when it comes to Lotto wins. It’s the third luckiest county in Ireland.

Carlow may only be the fifth luckiest county in Ireland (sitting just behind Dublin) but when it wins, it wins big. The county holds the record for the largest ever Lotto jackpot win, with one lucky syndicate walking away with €18.9m.

Do you have a Lotto syndicate at work? Well, anyone who works at ESB should definitely consider starting one as it’s clearly a lucky place to work. A combined 126 ESB workers in Longford, Finglas, Blanchardstown, New Ross and Enniscorthy have won a total of five separate jackpots to the value of €8.6m.

Speaking of lucky streaks, one Wexford family proved that sometimes the Lotto can strike twice. A Wexford man picked up the Lotto Plus 2 main prize in 2018, 10 years after his mother picked up the same prize in 2008. We’d love to know their secret!

If you see a black cat in Kerry, you may want to think about doing the Lotto with Lotto Plus. One married couple in Kerry had to swerve to avoid a black cat while driving their car in the Kingdom. The superstitious wife instructed the husband to pull over and buy a Lotto ticket in the next shop they came across. They scooped €2.2m in that night’s Lotto jackpot!

And if you’re in Waterford, it might be worth your while doing the Lotto and Lotto Plus in Ardkeen Superstores. They sold eight jackpot-winning tickets over the years, amounting to a grand total of €19m.

Close calls and careful winners

Regardless of where you are, the biggest question is sometimes where your Lotto ticket is – especially if you have the winning numbers!

A media storm erupted in 2014 after it was reported that a winning €4.9m Lotto ticket sold in Co Offaly had been accidentally thrown in the fire. Luckily, it turned out to be a false alarm and the winner handed in the ticket days later.

Some people take no chances with a winning ticket. A Westmeath man who won the jackpot in 2017 revealed that he kept the €6.1m-winning Lotto ticket in his gun cabinet. Which seems like a pretty safe place to keep it!

Limerick Post Office staff celebrate selling a €7.5 million jackpot in 2017

Limerick Post Office staff celebrate selling a €7.5 million jackpot in 2017

A syndicate from Limerick who won the jackpot in June 2018 kept their €4.3m winning ticket in a zip lock sandwich bag for four days to make sure it was in pristine condition when they brought it to the National Lottery HQ. That may sound over the top but history suggests otherwise...

In May 2016, a Wicklow family turned up at the National Lottery HQ with a tea-stained ticket worth €250,000. After the news broke that a winning ticket was sold in their local shop, they realised that their ticket was missing. They had to fish it out of a bin but, thankfully, it all worked out in the end.

More winners, more prizes

Regardless of which county you live in, your chances of winning big have just increased if you play Lotto with Lotto Plus. Rita Power from Ballinasloe, Co Galway, became the first Lotto millionaire when she won £1.2 million back in 1989 but there are about to be a lot of new Lotto millionaires thanks to the new ways that the Lotto Plus works.

We asked a Lotto spokesperson what the new game changes will mean for players.

“These exciting new game changes mean that Lotto with New Lotto Plus will be creating more winners – and more millionaires,” according to a National Lottery spokesperson.

“The top prize in Lotto Plus 1 doubles from €500,000 to €1m, while there are three more ways to win on our Lotto Plus game.”

You can now win a prize when you match two numbers and the bonus number on the Lotto Plus 1, when you match three numbers on Lotto Plus 2, or when you match two numbers and the bonus number on Lotto Plus 2.

“And the prize in the Lotto Plus Raffle jumps from €300 to €500. An average of 16 new millionaires are expected to be created each year across Lotto and Lotto Plus. The price for Lotto Plus will increase from 50c to €1 per panel played. There is no change in the price of a panel for the main Lotto Draw. We really believe these changes will be welcomed by our players.”

Your odds of winning have also increased, regardless of whether you do the Lottery in Louth or in Longford. Your odds of winning across Lotto and Lotto Plus used to be one in 17 but they’ve dropped to one in 10 thanks to the new changes.

“Certainly, these changes offer more prizes in Lotto and Lotto Plus than ever before. We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance and improve our games.

“The Lotto game has become considerably more exciting for our players over the last 30 years. Back then, the draw only had three prize categories and the base jackpot was set at £80,000, which is the equivalent to just over €100,000 today. Now with more ways to win on Lotto and Lotto Plus, we will have approximately 200,000 Lotto winners each and every week across both Wednesday and Saturday draws.”

So that’s great news for anyone who plays Lotto with Lotto Plus. And the changes to Lotto Plus are already making new millionaires. The first person to become a millionaire as a result of the new game enhancements bought their ticket in Ballynacargy in Co Westmeath.

So what are you waiting for? Play Lotto and Lotto Plus now to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck! More winners, more millionaires… Play Lotto with new Lotto Plus today. Available in app, in store or at Lottery.ie.

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