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Reddit Ireland bans political discussion, users revolt 09.02.16

Reddit Ireland experienced a user uprising when it briefly banned all conversation about the Irish General Election from the /r/Ireland subreddit.

The argument began six days ago with a moderator request to move all political discussions to a re-opened, dedicated subreddit /r/irishpolitics.

Users were not happy with this direction, with one writing "one of the things I really liked about r/ireland was the combination of political commentary and stupid funny sh*t... it kept things interesting".

Another user wrote "Who ever thought this was a good idea should go and get their head examined".

The founder of /r/Ireland, Eoin Madden, wrote on Twitter that he was "appalled" by the decision.

One user summed up the anger felt by users, writing "Well you guys are going to be f**king busy deleting threads for the next 3 weeks then, cause ye can f**k right off if ye think we wont discuss the Irish election on /r/Ireland".

The moderator's account has now been removed and the subreddit appears to have returned back to normal, with the front page a mix of political discussions, manifestos, photoshopped memes of general election candidates, YouTube videos and posts about Pancake Tuesday.