Count Us In

'No political party is taking the youth vote seriously... we need to create our own' 08.02.16

'We need to create our own' has been travelling around the country to speak to young people as part of the Count Us In Campaign ahead of the upcoming General Election.

Speaking with members of the Youth Work in Ireland organisation in Galway, there was a sense of discontent with the current system and the parties within it.

Charles Willoughby told that the "youth need a party that can represent them" because there was "no political party taking the youth vote seriously".

Michaela McDermott (second from left) added that she voted for the first time in the marriage referendum "because I believed in it".

"Until then, I didn't believe in (politics), didn't believe in politicians".

Everyone expressed an interest in politicians using social media to reach them instead of traditional canvassing methods.

Politicans could learn from student elections

"When they talk about something... I perk up and I listen. Which you don't get in general elections".

Posted by Count Us In on Friday, 5 February 2016

Rachel Maher said that when politicians "come to your door, they ask for your parents". She added that the issues they want to discuss "affect more the family.. like taxes and water charges".

The group all agreed that they would like to see more issues like mental health being addressed by their candidates, in a way they found interesting, and that they would "never" decided who they were going to vote for based on a poster.

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