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New Twitter account 'Deleted by TDs' is watching 10.02.16

Politicians beware

A new Twitter account called 'Deleted By TDs' is tweeting out tweets that have been removed from accounts belonging to General Election candidates.

The account is the brainchild of Storyful and Open State EU and aims to share any and all tweets politicians don't want their followers to see.

The account shares links to, which houses a fully-clickable version of the original tweet with information on when they were deleted and how long they were on each account for before deletion. The site even tells users what client the politician used to send the tweet in the first place.

For example, FF TD Marc MacSharry deleted a retweet of Annie West in which she wrote "had to remove #GE16 poster blocking view of road in order to avoid getting milled by a truck".

Update: Annie West got in touch to request that it be clarified she deleted the original tweet and MacSharry did not delete his retweet.

Sinead Moore of the Green Party deleted a retweet of 'Urban Plant Life' which read "Infographic: Why Gardening is good for you" after fifteen hours while Alan Kelly TD deleted a tweet linking to a still-there Facebook post around the water supply of Clonmel.

While most of the deleted tweets so far are either bizarre or boring, it seems the account hasn't badly caught anyone out yet, but #GE16 candidates - think before you tweet!