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Lucinda Creighton's epic burn of the Labour Party denied by Kevin Humphreys 18.02.16

Renua leader Lucinda Creighton delivered a fantastic burn on the Labour Party today on Twitter before Kevin Humphreys came to the rescue.

The Labour Party today rolled out a number of full-page newspaper advertisements which have become a subject of mockery on Twitter.

The ads feature the bodies of One Direction with the faces of party leaders superimposed on their heads with the title 'No Direction'.

Irish readers have not responded well to the advertisement, labelling it "a car crash idea", but Lucinda Creighton attempted to take it a step further with her snarky tweet.

"The Labour Party so out of touch they don't even know there are only four members in One Direction", she wrote, alluding to the now infamous resignation of Zayn Malik from the band, which nearly ripped apart the fandom. Malik's departure from the group that made him a global superstar was arguably one of the biggest news stories in 2015.

Her tweet was retweeted 54 times before Labour's Kevin Humphreys responded, writing "Lucinda, there will always be five members in One Direction in my book #BringBackZayne" - referencing the resulting social media movement to convince Zayn to return to the band.

We're not sure about this one - it could be a draw, but if we had to give it, we'd give the win to Humphreys for managing to save the day.

Unfortunately for Humphreys, his party couldn't leave it there.

The official Labour Party account later joined in, writing "It's obvious you're Zayn and given your history, you'd be the first to leave!"

Social Democrats candidate Gary Gannon shared the conversation, adding "I see Irish political discourse is reaching new levels of maturity".

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