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Independent candidate (22): 'My age is more of an advantage than a disadvantage' 15.02.16

Declan Burke, 22

One of Ireland's youngest election candidates says his youth is working to his advantage, rather than turning voters off.

At the age of 22, Independent candidate Declan Burke is vying for a spot on the 32nd Dáil and is no stranger to political involvement

He narrowly lost out on winning a seat in the 2014 local elections, but he's hoping he'll have better luck in the Dublin South West constituency, where he has stiff competition from 20 other candidates.

"I don't think being 22 is a disadvantage at all. I think it actually works to my strengths," he said.

"People want to see new people in politics. They want to see fresh faces with fresh ideas. People realise that I have political experience and that I know the system.

"I am a very capable person for this job and I will do a good job if I am elected."

The journalism and visual media graduate decided to run for public office after finding he was getting disenchanted with the Government.

"After I graduated, I felt that the economy was quite bad. I saw a lot of people around my area suffering. I thought we were being treated very unfairly and I didn't think that was right.

"I decided that instead of shouting at my television, I was going to get up and do something about it."