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How To Use 05.02.16

'Tinder for politics'

Smartvote is an interactive website which allows the user to answer a number of 'Agree or disagree' statement-based questions in order to find the candidate in their area that best aligns with their views.

The app has received over 40,000 users in the last two weeks as the country prepared for the general election to be called.

How To Use Smartvote - and why

Have you used yet? is an interactive website which, based on a number of 'Agree or disagree' statements, tells you which candidate in your area best represents your views.

Posted by Count Us In on Friday, 5 February 2016

Founder Keith Moore took through how to use the app to find which candidate in your area most aligns with your views.

Smartvote describes itself as the 'Tinder for politics'.

Smartvote was born in the UCD innovation academy by founder Keith Moore and co-founder Gordon Rose.

The smartvote team compiled the stances of over 400 candidates across a range of issues to create the most encompassing encyclopedia of political knowledge available in the country.

Smartvote asks users a number of 'Agree/Disgree?' questions and after 30,000 visitors to the site, reported that over 52% of users wanted to abolish the Jobbridge scheme.

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