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Cork's second-youngest candidate was initially 'not happy' about joining Greens 08.02.16

Lorna Bogue, 24

The second-youngest general election candidate told that she was "not happy" about joining the Green Party initially.

"I went through a list and for various reasons I ticked them off... at the end was the Green Party, and I was not happy about it".

"Look, they did a lot of stuff with civil partnership...  they obviously cared about the environment so I said I'd give it a go".

Despite initial "problems with the party", she says that the party were "incredibly supportive" from the outset and she rose to Chair of the Young Greens after one year, spearheading a decision on a party position relating to #RepealThe8th.

"Within a year of getting involved, I'd managed to push a political party beyond any point I'd reached before".

Lorna has promised to donate €25,000 of her TD wage back to the constituency if elected.

Logue previously told the that she became active in politics because she was "tired of middle-aged men p*ssing away my future all the time".