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Cad faoin Gaeilge? 09.02.16

What about Irish? has been travelling around the country to speak to young people as part of the Count Us In Campaign ahead of the upcoming General Election.

Speaking with members of the Irish language society in NUIG, there was concern about what the future Government would do for the Irish language.

"An rud is tabhachtaí duinne.. go mbeidh na rudaíar fáil as Gaeilge... go bhfuil aitheantas an Gaeilge".

"Is brea linn í agus táimid ag iarraidh í a chur chun cinn".

This is not the first mention of the Irish language - one of the first uploaders, (name), said he was concerned that the next ten years were "make or break" for our native tongue.


Politicans could learn from student elections

"When they talk about something... I perk up and I listen. Which you don't get in general elections".

Posted by Count Us In on Friday, 5 February 2016

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