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18-24 year old's most engaged on education and abortion - and least engaged on everything else 13.02.16

Sinn Féin are the political party drawing the most 'engagements' on Facebook from the 18-24 year-old age bracket.

Engagements include mentions, likes, comments and shares and Sinn Féin take the accolade of 'most-engaged' party on Twitter for that age bracket, followed by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.

The least-engaged party on Facebook for this age group is the Anti Austerity Alliance.

Fine Gael is the most-engaged party on Facebook for all other age groups.

Gerry Adams' most engaged age groups are 18-24 and 65+, drawing 19pc of the total interactions of each age group equally.

The issues most engaging 18-24 year olds are Health, Economy and Infrastructure, but they remain the least engaged across all age groups in every issue except for education and abortion - an issue least engaging the other age groups.


Enda Kenny is the party leader drawing the most interactions across all age groups, in all counties, with a high showing in the sixties and above for each age group. He is drawing the most interactions from those over 65, and the least from those 35-44.

Joan Burton is drawing the most interactions from the 55-64 age group, with her weakest showing in the 18-24 age category.

Micheal Martin draws the most of his interactions from the 55-64 and 65+ age groups equally.


This data was provided by Facebook and interpreted by INM data scientist Dr. Mick Kerrigan. are running a campaign called 'Count Us In' which aims to engage 18-24 year olds in politics.

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