Saturday 14 December 2019

US serenades on trade deal

GIVE it up for the US Embassy in Dublin, and its attempt at soft diplomacy.

Log on to the embassy's Youtube channel and you'll be able to watch the renowned Yale Spizzwinks, looking very dapper in their formal gear, giving us a little tune about the benefits of the EU-US transatlantic trade and investment partnership.

It's a pretty novel way to promote what is a very important, but rather turgid topic.

Talks kicked off again this week on the massive trade deal involving American and European negotiators. But it's fairly controversial. The US and EU yesterday sought to counter rising opposition to the talks, as hundreds of activists protested against the plans that they say would only benefit big companies fixated on maximising profits.

European farmers, unions and nationalist politicians are trying to sway an uncertain public, despite studies showing a deal could increase economic growth.

To coincide with the fifth round of negotiations, the US Embassy asked the university cappella group to compose a short song explaining the main goals of the agreement.

The Punt wondered if the Government thought about asking them to do a little number for the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs Ninth Quarterly Progress Report yester-day.

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