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Too lazy for drive-thru? No worries, Burger King offering home delivery

INITIALLY we had to drive, park, walk in and order. Then we could drive-thru, order, and eat in the comfort of our car. But now Burger King in the US is starting to offer the ultimate couch potato dream service - home delivery of its fast food.

The burger chain is currently trialling home delivery from four of its Washington DC restaurants. According to USA Today, the company are testing the delivery service currently before looking to roll it out over America.

The main cause for concern until now has been how to keep the Whoppers warm in transit, but that may have been solved by something called "proprietary thermal packaging technology," which ensures burgers arrive fresh and warm and fries are hot but not soggy.

Delivery fee is $2 (€1.50) and the minimum spend is an average of $9 (€7).

Bad news though for couch potatoes with a late night longing for a Whopper, the service ends at 11 pm.