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Saturday 7 December 2019

The changing tastes of India -- what is now in demand

• Whiskey: There has been an explosion in middle-class tastes for fine liqueurs, particularly for whiskey, where Scotches lead the charge.

• Dairy products: Demand for butter is huge in India and Indians have begun to buy cheese rather than make it themselves at home, as has been the norm for generations.

• Jewellery: At the right price, shiny costume jewellery with some quality involved will set an Indian lady's eyes sparkling.

• Confectionery: Luxury chocolates are a fast-growing market thanks to India's burgeoning new cafe culture.

• Preserves: Relishes, sauces and preserves have always been a part of Indian cuisine and Indians delight in trying new versions.

• Film opportunities: Bollywood's star is high.

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